Outer Spaces


Our Spaces

Everyone benefits: local areas, as empty buildings are brought back to life, Outer Spaces carries out our charitable objectives, as we make contact with new artists and collectives we may work with more formally in the future, and landlords and agents as they know their buildings are being taken care of by a reputable organisation. 


Outer Spaces are self-managed spaces and each space will vary with regards to the condition they are in. The space is offered on the understanding that it could be let to a paying tenant and everyone will vacate the property leaving it in the same condition as at the start. 


How do I get a space? 

Sign up to the Outer Spaces waiting list here. We'll share updates of new spaces and opportunities in your area. Those at the top of the waiting list are prioritised for new spaces.


What is the benefit of joining the Outer Spaces Community 

  • You will receive regular updates about our activities and opportunities 
  • The latest information on spaces as they become available 
  • The opportunity to make use of one of Outer Spaces empty properties for short to medium term studio/project space 


How long can I have the space? 

Some spaces may be available for a considerable time (a year or more) but there is no guarantee of this. If there is commercial development or a paying tenant wants to rent the building we will have to move out. In these circumstances, we inform artists as soon as possible but can only guarantee 7 days’ notice in writing.  


As our spaces are temporary, we strongly advise you don’t invest resources in the space, do not include the property address in funding applications, and have a back-up plan for any programmed activity. We’ll do our best to find you alternative space, but we can’t guarantee this will always be possible. 


Will I have a key? 

Studio holders will each have a key or fob to the main door. There is a £10 charge to cover the cost of having keys cut. 

What can I use the space for? 

Anything that fits with Outer Spaces’ objects as an arts charity: 


Advancement of the Arts 

  • Increasing public exposure to, appreciation of, and involvement in the arts. 
  • Improving facilities and venues where art is produced, displayed or performed by providing spaces for artists and creative practitioners. 
  • Reaching out to new audiences by bringing art into public spaces. 
  • Providing opportunities for participation by people who might otherwise be excluded. 


What times can I use the space? 

Some spaces have fixed times and some are available with 24 hour access. Retail landlords require visibility and they may also require certain opening times and more detail about how you plan to use the space. 


How much does it cost? 

There is no charge for space, but we would be grateful if all our resident artists could consider supporting our charitable operations through voluntary monthly donations, unless you are participating in our Outer Spaces funded or partnership programmes. You'll be given more details regarding donation if you take a space with us.


What about insurance? 

The buildings are insured, but your property and public liability insurance is your responsibility and a requirement for taking a space.  


Membership of the Scottish Artists Union includes free and discounted insurance and legal services for an annual fee of £72.00 (£6.00 per month or £3.00 per month for Graduates in their first year of union membership). Find out more here 


Other membership schemes available are: