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Royal Scottish Academy | Outer Spaces Scotland Award

Metamorphic Rivulet, Sooun Kim, 2023. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 200 x 120 cm

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Sooun Kim selected for new

Outer Spaces Scotland Award

We are delighted to announce that Glasgow based, multidisciplinary visual artist Sooun Kim has been selected for the Outer Spaces Scotland RSA Award.

The new award marks the beginning of an exciting partnership with Outer Spaces and the Royal Scottish Academy. Selected from the 198th RSA Annual Exhibition by Outer Spaces, Sooun Kim has been awarded a large-scale studio space for 1+ months, together with £1000 bursary.

Sooun Kim is a multidisciplinary visual artist working through music, video and painting. He is interested in hybrid cultures that iterate from the effects of post-colonialism and cultural imperialism. His work, Yellow Fever (2019), marked the beginning of his auto-ethnographic journey, where he collected his grandfather’s biography alongside records of historical figures to recover his personal cultural identity. Further interested in popular culture, he includes audio-visual reflections of his contemporary being as a South-Korean migrant where the past and present collide. Consciously unpredictable, Kim uses image and sound to play with viewer expectations by seducing and repulsing - genre bending to create an undefinable hybrid.

On display as part of the RSA Annual Exhibition, Metamorphic Rivulet, 2023 is part of a new series of seven paintings, created by the artist using film and 3D modelling transferred onto canvas. These paintings make up the first part of Ramifying Frost (2023) a Creative Scotland funded long-form multimedia project. Read more about the project here.

198th RSA Annual Exhibition, 11th May - 16th June 2024

The largest and longest-running annual exhibition of contemporary art and architecture in Scotland. Find out more here.